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    Morild Interaktiv, Leap Motion, and VRgineers Partner to Set a New Standard for VR Ship Simulations

    Morild Interaktiv, maker of the world’s most advanced maritime simulators have deployed a new solution that includes a natural hand-computer interaction powered by Leap Motion, the leading VR hand-tracking solution provider and VRgineers’ professional VRHero 5K Plus headset, creating the most immersive virtual reality maritime  training environment.

    Riding the VR Wave

    The entire transportation industry is undergoing a transformational shift to digital and maritime is no different. Morild Interaktiv has adopted bleeding-edge VR technology to provide simulation tools for progressive shipbuilding companies. These robust tools powered by the Unity engine allow manufacturers like Rolls-Royce to train crews and test ships on rough seas before the ship is actually build.

    Olav-Rasmus Vorren, the founder and CEO of Morild Interaktiv, explains the advantages of the solution: “The combination of extremely accurate hand tracking and exceptional headset fidelity adds a new level of natural interaction and realism to our solutions. Image clarity in VR is crucial as operators rely on information from virtual displays on the bridge consoles. Leap Motion’s hand tracking is the only solution accurate enough for this application and it allows the user to focus on executing the training scenario without having to learn how to interact in VR.”

    A Fully Realistic VR Environment

    A VR simulation can’t be truly immersive without high-quality, true-to-life imaging, which is the calling card of the VRHero 5K Plus. The headset provides the crispest picture available together with an astonishing 170º field-of-view thanks to its unique combination of high-resolution OLED displays and our patented optical system. The result immerses the user in a feeling of being there. The simulation environment is realistic and no detail is lost so trainees can read even the tiny lettering on the dashboard.

    Marek Polčák of VRgineers explains the full range possibilities created by the VRHero 5K Plus: “Ship simulators are a great example of a clearly beneficial business case for VR. Immersive simulations combining high quality content, natural hand control, and realistic images will revolutionize all design and training processes, especially for highly complex products just like ships.”

    Grasp the Unexisting

    Properly training workers in simulations means they must be able to intuitively interact with their environment. That is where Leap Motion’s precise hand-tracking comes into play. By integrating the platform, users can experience and interact with the virtual world in a natural way.

    “Leap Motion’s mission is to remove the barriers between people and technology. By integrating our hand-tracking technology, VRgineers and Morild are able to deliver a natural and intuitive experience to vessel training and simulation,” Leap Motion co-founder and CEO Michael Buckwald says.

    To try this next-generation simulator yourself, come visit us at AWE on May 30 – June 1, 2018 in Santa Clara, California.