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    MZV event for military attachés and diplomats

    In cooperation with the Czech Department of Defense, the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs organized an event for military attachés and diplomats from over 25 countries.

    VRgineers were honored to participate in this event organized by Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs and invited to give a presentation.

    “The event presented the vision of integrating a synthetic training environment (STE) into training processes by Western armies, which are taking advantage of lower costs and training capabilities.” says Marek Polčák, CEO of VRgineers.

    The event was hosted by Aleš Ottmár from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was attended by RNDr. Veronika Kuchyňová Šmigolová, a representative from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who welcomed and addressed everyone at the event. Magdalena Orlovičová, the Director of the Office of the Commander of the Land Forces, gave a short speech in which she demonstrated support for VRgineers.

    Marek Polčák, CEO of VRgineers, gave a presentation that showcased the most immersive solution based on the XTAL Virtual and mixed reality headset with 8K resolution, 180° field of view, and an exclusive patented optical system. Following the presentation, participants had the unique opportunity to experience the full immersion of the STE on the F-18 pilot training simulator and the Racing Fuel car simulator, within which they were able to select any car they wanted to try.




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