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    VRgineers at AWE USA 2019: Come and meet us!

    The most essential AR/VR conference and expo in the world is back and we are a part of it.

    Meet us on May 29-31st at Private Room Pison SCCC #205.

    We also invite you to meet our partners: Czech startup Pocket Virtuality at Enterprise Pavilion booth #1024 and Neurable EEG technology which allows gathering data of brain activity during VR experience.

    ➡ Are you visiting? E-mail us to & we are more than happy to arrange a private presentation on VR simulator for you!

    ➡ We have a great offer for you as well: for 20% off a three-day all-access pass, please CONTACT US and we will share the code with you.

    ➡ For more info on AWE – Augmented World Expo 2019, please visit

    We will be present at the booth of our partner, Pocket Virtuality

    At AWE, you can also meet our partner Neurable